Product Description

Cultivator Ploughshare Winged. Ref: DT034100

Dimensions: 410 x 235 mm.

Weight: 2,500 kg.

Hardness HRC: 60

Elasticity: 1150 – 1350 MPa

DT013400 Gráfico

Ploughshare for cultivator winged swallow -model DT034100- belongs to the DIGGER’s Professional Line. A product range also known as Professional Range noted for its manufacture thanks to high quality materials and other specific treatments that prolong the durability of the ploughshare.

This DIGGER product range uses a special steel alloy designed to improve wear performance through inductive heat treatment and to achieve optimal control in order to extend the durability of the piece to the maximum. In some cases, up to double that of a normal ploughshare. The characteristics of special steel alloy also makes it possible for the product to be more resistant to torsion.

This swallow ploughshare with broad wings is suitable for dense vegetation cutting jobs. Its design also facilitates turning and reinstatement of high organic matter type. In terms of size, its length is 410mm and its width is 235mm which makes it an ideal piece to be assembled on extendable hydraulic cultivator. The working widths between arms is variable and the overall length of its wings does not let the grass escape the cutting action for which is designed. The working depth is between 10 cm and 20 cm deep.

Among other possibilities of this ploughshare, we find its easy adaptation to high grass and high densities labour. Its center nerve, of adapting this ploughshare it is to work with the presence of high grass and high densities. Its nerve center , its toe specially designed along the lip running along the edge of the wings , make that meanwhile the ploughshare wears it auto sharpens, a fact that makes it possible to further prolong the life of the ploughshare.