Product Description

Cultivator Ploughshare Winged SMARAGD. Ref: DT103811

Dimensions: 465 x 293 mm.

Weight: 3,500 kg.

Hardness HRC: 60

Elasticity: 1150 – 1350 MPa

DT103811 Gráfico

Ploughshare winged for cultivator -model DT103811- belonging to the SMARAGD range compatible with the original SMARAGD Lemken system, but with the advantages of Fast-Click-System exchange Ultrafast patented DIGGER.

This piece has been made under the highest quality product as our Professional Line. A product is intended for functions cut surface vegetation and soil stabilization, erasing the groove by the toe grille.

Among other benefits is also high efficiency if cutting vegetation with working widths up to 465 mm. and working depths from 5 to 35 cm., in mixed terrain with vegetation and the presence of loose stones.