Product Description

Cultivator Support. Ref: DT055801

Dimensions: 64,6 x 183 mm.

Weight: 1,500 kg.

Hardness HRC: 60

Elasticity: 1150 – 1350 MPa

Support or adapter – model DT055802- belonging to the KARAT range and compatible with Lemken’s original KARAT system.

This adapter is intended to be assembled over the boot-support of the arm of the cultivator and is the base over which the different KARAT pieces are assembled. Its special designs allows ultra-fast anchoring of all the elements and makes the assembly and disassembly of all pieces possible in just a few seconds, facilitating its replacement with the use of only one retaining pin.

It is made with the highest quality, following the principles of our Professional Line and it is also compatible with SMARAGD product range.