Product Description

Ploughshare arm cover KARAT. Ref: DT102950

Dimensions: 120 x 286 mm.

Weight: 1,700 kg.

Hardness HRC: 60

Elasticity: 1150 – 1350 MPa

DT102950 Gráfico

Ploughshare arm cover – model DT102950- belongs to the KARAT range and it is compatible with Lemken’s original KARAT system. This ploughshare constitutes the arm cover of the cultivator, a function which main job is to protect the machine’s arm wear by friction with the soil and to avoid fatigue wear due to traction.

In addition, this ploughshare also fulfills the function of opening a permeation zone, when the whole share works deep, which allows this piece to penetrate more easily during rainy seasons.

This product is made with the highest quality, according to the standards of our Professional Line, it is a share indicated to work from 5cm to 35cm deep.