Product Description

Ploughshare Punch Cultivator DT0134BL

Dimensions: 78 x 340 mm.

Weight: 1,900 kg.

Hardness HRC: 60

Elasticity: 1150 – 1350 MPa

DT013400 Gráfico

Ploughshare punch type -model DT0134BL- belongs to the DIGGER’s Basic Line. Also it is known as Basic Range, this product has been manufactured with high quality materials and as a result it provides a ploughshare with a balanced value adjusted to the needs of the consumer.

This product is aimed at farmers with small tracts of land, but who want to enjoy the advantages of our unique ultra fast fastener Fast -Click System. This Basic Line product range offers durability 20% higher than much of the products in the market.

This punch type ploughshare is specially designed for the toughest jobs. More specifically to work in the most arid soils on hard surfaces and dry land to work, first work or soil mixed type: stone floors , arid soils , etc. Its width is 78 mm and its height is 340 mm, making it possible to work in deeper surfaces, between 5 cm and 30 cm deep. Furthermore, the design of this ploughshare has been optimized with the shape of the toe and central nerve. This means that as the ploughshare wears, the toe of the share will sharpen.