Product Description

Rotavator Blade Support. Ref: DT096000

Dimensions: 45 x 58 mm.

Weight: 0,600 kg.

Hardness HRC: 60

Elasticity: 1150 – 1350 MPa

DT096000 Gráfico

This support-adapter – model DT096000 – is specifically made for rotavator and therefore is compatible for plates of 4 or 6 standard blades. Amongst its peculiarities, it stands out for bieng the only support-adapter that covers the need of assembly of all blades for the rotavator, both for right hand as for left hand.

As for its installation, this support is assembled over the plate of blades of the machine and is disposed in an inserted mode at the right and left, in an alternate mode. Therefore, 2 supports ( for the plates for 4 blades) or 3 supports (for the plates for 6 blades) assembled on the right side. As well as, 2 or 3 supports assembled on the left side.

Made for tractors of low power, up to 50 CV, this support must be acquired with the blades of the range DT086001 and DT086002.