Product Description

Rotavator Blade Support. Ref: DT096002

Dimensions: 54 x 76 mm.

Weight: 1,000 kg.

Hardness HRC: 60

Elasticity: 1150 – 1350 MPa

DT096002 Gráfico

Support-adapter for rotavator – model DT096002- compatible for plates of 4 or 6 standard blades. This part stands out for being the only support-adapter that covers the need of the blades assembly both from right and left hand.

This support for rotavator is assembled on top of the blades’ plate of the machine and is placed alternatively from right to left. Thanks to this, 2 supports ( for plates of 4 blades) or 3 supports ( for plates of 6 blades) are assembled in the right hand side and 2 or 3 supports are assembled in the left hand side.

This support or adapter is ideal for blades of the DT088001/02 range and for high power tractors from 90 CV onwards.