Digger Tools

Digger Tools is a company specialized in the design, the manufacture and the marketing of spare parts for agricultural machinery.

Continuous innovation in agricultural spare parts.

Digger Tools’ principle is to innovate continuously. Our philosophy has always been to improve the farmer’s professional life and to increase the efficiency of each action required in agriculture.

Digger Tools is a leading company in Europe for its ability to improve continuously, each of Digger’s pieces originate from Spain thanks to local technology and development. Our work puts a wide range of specialized products available to the customer, from spare part models for agricultural machinery to our patented Fast-Click System. This system of replacement agricultural spare parts is fast and simple. It is designed to facilitate the work in the field.

12 benefits of the Fast-Click System

A practical, efficient, fast and affordable system suitable for a 5 second replacement of agricultural spare parts, for any type of machinery.
Easy, Fast and Safe
Tool less Installing
Time Saving
Digger Tools - Servicios

Services: What do we offer?

Customized products

Digger is a leading company in Europe in the manufacturing of customized solutions for agricultural work.


Standard Product

Manufacturing of standard product with a wide range of agricultural spare parts for cultivators and rotavators.


High Technology

The development of agricultural spare parts compatible with any agricultural machinery in the market.


Is there anything else you need to know?

If you need professional help, do not hesitate to get in contact with a
Digger agent. You may email us at info@digger.es or call us at 902 88 43 55.

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