Who we are?

We are specialists in spare parts for agricultural machinery.


From its foundation in 2006, Digger Tools has been a company with more than 10 years of experience in the designmanufacturing and marketing of spare parts for agricultural work.

During this time and thanks to the hard work and effort from all our employees, we have become one of the European references in the area of agricultural spare parts. A field in which, always thinking in the improvement to facilitate the life of the farmer, we use the most advanced materials to build parts of the latest generation and highest quality in order to satisfy the needs of our most demanding clients.

Agricultural Spare Parts

At Digger Tools, you will be able to buy a wide range of spare parts for agricultural machinery that offer all that a farmer may need to facilitate the work in the land and to increase productivity, while reducing effort.

Amongst our main products, we have our spare ploughshares for cultivators. While in the case of the rotavator, the most efficient system for the cultivation and preparation of soil.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing blades and locking pins that guarantee the perfect attachment to the fastener.

Fast-Click System

Always thinking to innovate in order to satisfy clients, Digger has patented the Fast-Click System. A system that allows the fast attachment and replacement for parts of the cultivators.

This system reflects our authentic work philosophy, based in the streamlining of the agricultural work and the reduction of risks and costs for the farmer.

The Fast Click System is an effective method of work characterized for its non-necessary use of screws and tools, which supposes to save time and money, as well as offering total safety for the worker.

Client Satisfaction

Our experience has made us understand that client satisfaction is a irreplaceable commitment. The farmer counts with unavoidable work needs and must be attended in the shortest period possible. That is why we offer the Fast Delivery system, an effective delivery service at the reach of all our customers, based in the express shipping to the requested destination in less than 48 hours

In the same way, from Digger we also offer the possibility of a customized product adaptable to the agricultural machinery and manufactured with the best materials and latest technology

More About Digger Tools

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