Fast-Click System

Only one piece is necessary to change the spare parts in all the agricultural machine

No Tools

Say goodbye to use again screws to change spare parts of your cultivator and rotavator

Change in 5 seconds

Using your own fingers, you can assemble and disassemble the ploughshares and blades of machinery

Universal System

Customized product that can be adapted to any type of arm or disc of the Rotavator, if it is requested.

How does the Fast-Click System work?

Digger Tools has inventeddeveloped and patented the Fast-Click System. The fastest and easiest way to assemble and disassemble parts of the agricultural machinery.

A practical, efficient and economic method that speeds up the farmer’s work during the assembly of the new spare parts of the agricultural machinery. The Fast-Click System is suitable for any type of machinery and it is the only system in the market that allows the assembly of ploughshares, in the cultivators, or the blades, in the rotavators, without the need to use tools.

Characterized for its full efficiency, in just 5 seconds and with the use of your own fingers, you can disassemble the used parts and replace them with the new spare parts. This system stands out for being the safest, since it avoids taking risks during the traditional assembly of ploughshares and blades under the machinery and it avoids carrying it out in an uncomfortable and dangerous way.

Finally, Fast Click is a guaranteed system that offers the farmer greater productivity working the land by saving time, tools and unnecessary risks.

How to assemble the Fast-Click System in your cultivator?

The Fast-Click system works thanks to the use of a fastener which will allow you to have your spare parts replaced in just three simple steps, as you can see next. It is the best way to save risksscrews and, above all, time.

Cultivator Adapter

Fast-Click Rotavator

Fast-Click System para Rotavator o Fresa

What are the steps to install a spare blade?

Also available for the rotavator, with this spare parts system you can replace your old blades for new ones safely and without doing much effort. It only takes 5 seconds and you do not need additional tools.

12 benefits of Fast Click

Practical and simple: Forget the tools
Safe: The Fast-Click system is used as model method in courses of Safety in the Workplace of agricultural schools.
Durable: Our Fast Click fastener and its safety locking pin DT066000 are long lasting.
Ultra-fast: Spare parts replaced in just 5 seconds.
Tool saving: One part serves to change every spare part.
Redeemable: An investment for the future. In just 5 changes of ploughshares, the system is completely redeemed, in contrast to the use of screws.
Energy saving: With Fast-Click, electric tools are not needed either to screw or unscrew. Additionally, it is also not necessary to waste petrol searching for the nearest repair shop.
Easy: Thanks to the use of the technology “Conectar&Trabajar”, our system does not modify absolutely the original machine. Its design allows an easy adaption to existent machines.
Environmental Care: The minor use of steel, because of the constant saving of screws, means to be more respectful with the environment and nature.
Versatile: Only one type of fastener, which is compatible with all models of ploughshares and blades
Universal: The Fast Click System is universal and can be adapted and attached to any type of arm or disc the Rotavator may require. It adapts perfectly to present and future needs.

Video installation cultivator

Vídeo de instalación para cultivador

Is there anything else you need to know?

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